Slot Games

OnlineSlotsSlot machine games are potentially the most popular way to play at online casinos!

Everyone must have seen one of these games before, either in real life or online, because slot games have been around for ages.

Sometimes referred to as fruit machines or pokies, slot machine games effectively work by inserting a coin and spinning a reel, to cash in quickly and easily.

They are often found in pubs and bars across the world, but now, thanks to online casinos, you can enjoy the same thrill of slot games anywhere you are at anytime!

Every casino you find online will offer loads of free slot machines games of different shapes and sizes, with loads of imaginative designs and different features that you will thoroughly enjoy! 

Many free slots games come with bonus features, which means loads more chances to win on online casino slots and it makes the game-play that much more fun and enjoyable!

The reason free slot games are so popular is the fact they are super easy, fun to play and can see you rack cash up very quickly, without the need for too much exertion on your part.

All you have to do is put a bit of cash into your account, pick your favorite slot and start spinning!

Online Slot games are one of the biggest selling points when it comes to picking a new free casino. So, if you are looking for a new slot game, or if you fancy trying some slot game fun for the first time, then use our site to find out everything you need to know about online casino slot games!

Slot Bonus and Free Spins  

As slot games have became so popular in online casinos, many sites cater their welcome bonuses and other promotions for slot machine enthusiasts.

As such, after you join many casinos, you can immediately enjoy several hours of free slot game action!

When you sign up at some casinos, they may offer a registration bonus in the form of a set of No Deposit Free Spins to use on some of their best free slot games. With these, you can test a selection of their slot games and find out if they are the ones for you!

If they aren’t, just return and make deposit and you can get your hands on some Free Spins to use on any slot game that takes your fancy. Nearly all of the best online sites offer these when you make your first deposit, regardless of the amount you choose to put in. 

This can range from anywhere between 10 Free Spins to as many as 999 Free Spins on some sites, which translates into hours of playing your favorite new slot game for free!

Many sites also offer deposit match bonus cash, which is also great as it is so versatile! However, Free Spins are more beneficial for any slot game fans, as they are a more direct way to success on Online Slot Games. This is because bonus cash often comes with higher wagering requirements and so, it takes longer to turn into funds that can actually be withdrawn.

Cash Bonuses amounts will differ from site to site, but some may offer a slot bonuses, which means the cash can be used on exclusively on slot machines games. These slot bonuses allow you to mix it up and play on various different slot games with the cash.

While others sites may offer a casino bonus, which will let you use the bonus cash on other section of the casino, as well as of course, on slot games! Either way, you will definitely be able get involved some free slots game fun with this bonus cash from your very first day!

The most beneficial use of either type of welcome bonus is always on the casino’s slots games, as not only will you get more playtime as it is cheaper, but on most sites you can work your way through the bonus wagering much quicker!  


Slot Bonus Games and Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds on Slot Machine Games have been part and parcel of the slot gaming experience for ages! As such, you will find it hard to find any online casino slot game without at least one form of additional bonus element!

They add to the slot game-play by allowing you to win extra cash and mix things up from just continuously spinning reels. Plus, it both speeds up the action and fills up your funds much faster!

This is one of the main reasons that the interest in casino slot games has increased. With every new slot game that is released, comes bigger and better bonus features. Therefore, with more bonus rounds, it means more chances to cash in extra hard, which makes the slot games much more interesting overall! 

These are getting more and more advanced and now, the best slot game providers are really pushing the boundary with what can be won and in what ways in their free slot bonus games!  As such, you can now extend your cash by loads more than ever before!

They are activated in various ways, but it is usually a case of lining up certain symbols on screen to activate the bonus features, or by getting on a hot streak. Bonus features can mean such things as Free Spins or even more powerful spins, i.e Mega Spins, which are the most common extras.

However, there are other boosts, like cash multipliers for instance. The ways these work is that any cash you accumulate while they are activated, will be multiplied by a certain number. Generally, the numbers range between 2x or 10x, but can also go beyond depending on the game and so, obviously, you can make some serious money while these are in play!

Bonus features may also be icons that appear on screen for a limited amount of time. These will be clickable elements that activate bonus coins or spins if you do manage to click them, so you need to keep your wits about you while you’re playing to make the most of them.

They can also be free casino slot games with bonus rounds, which are like arcade style mini games. These take you away from the reels and give you the chance to get some bonus cash in a different layout, which relates some way to the games theme. Usually, it is nothing too complicated, but if you can learn to master one of these, you will rack up cash very quickly, indeed!

This is just naming a few and there are plenty of great slot games with different bonus features from the ones that have been mentioned!

Plus, as free slot game providers get more competitive, expect the best slot games that come out in the near future to have some remarkable bonus features that break new ground in slot machine game-play.

Slot Gaming on the Go

Thanks to everyone now owning a mobile phone, you can carry the best free slot machines games with the best bonus features and play your games for fun anywhere you go!

This is thanks to many online mobile casinos offering the mobile sites which are equally as good, as they offer all the same fantastic free slot games!

These free casinos slot games, require no download and some will even let you play with no registration for a period of time, so you can find out if their service is the one for you.

Most of these simply require an an internet connection for you play on the go and so, if you are feeling lucky or like a hot shot at any point, you can just log on to your preferred casino and have a go at a free slot game and thus, never have to miss out on some real money rewards!

As well as this, if you prefer, many sites will also offer a downloadable free slot game via an app, which usually contain loads of other bonus features! These apps may include such things as notifications that tell you when a new slot game has been released, or when slot bonuses and free spins are available on certain free slot games!

This means all your slot machine games are in neat little package and you haven’t got to worry about searching for the site each time or a slow internet speed as you go from page to page. Everything will all be in one efficient and well designed place!

The majority of these apps and sites with free slots games are for iPad and iPhone, as well as most offering options for free slot games for Android too. As such, there are really no boundaries and you can have your very own handheld slot machine game.

All of these mobile versions will offer the best free slot games for real money, which means you can get your hands on slot game fun whenever it takes your fancy! Plus, on some downloadable apps, you can even play slot games offline if you have no connection! 

Slot Machine Game Styles

One of the most fun things about the best free online slot games is that, like their real life counterparts, they all have unique designs!

As well as offering all sorts of game play, such as Three Reel, Five Reel and Seven Reel slots, you can also choose between free classic or video slots. So, if you are a fan of the old school fruit machines that you played in your youth, then the former is great for this.

However, that is only beginning, as the abundance of choice when it comes to the style and design of the free online slot machines is immense!

You could play slots games for weeks and still find new and interesting slots with various different themes, that you hadn’t even considered or had imagined existed before. 

The selection of playing option is huuuuge for slot games and nowadays, it is like a competition to design the most unique free online slot machine game and nearly all aspects of culture can be found in slot form!

As such, if you fancy yourself as TV buff, then you can indulge in such awesome free online slot game as the Games of Thrones Slots or the Walking Dead Slot, while gamers can indulge in video game based slot machines too!

If you are a bit of a historian, then why not give the Caesar and Cleopatra slot machines a go? While, literature fans can enjoy the Alice in Wonderland slot game or the Wizard of Oz slot game!

Plus, there are loads of different regional specific slot games too, so there are Hollywood casino slot games, Las Vegas style casino free slot games and even, a Texas Tea slot game.

If you love all manner of games in all shapes and forms, then you will love the Monopoly slot game or the Deal or No Deal slot game.

They also have slots catered for the whole year round, with some dedicated to particular seasons, like Halloween and Christmas themed slot games, for example.

If you want to spice things up and play on a sexy slot game, then there are even some adult slots games for you try out, if you are in the mood.  

There is literally a slot for every occasion, including even a Ellen DeGeneres slot game, so you will find one for you, whatever it is you enjoy!

Slot Game Providers

Now that you know all there is to know about slot games and all the options that are open to you, you need to know which are the biggest names in the online slot machine providing business!

With all that variety and new slot machines games being released everyday, you know that there needs to be a whole army of people dedicated to creating these slots!

Well, in fact, there are actually a few armies that have dedicated themselves to creating the best free slot games for real money for you to enjoy!

One of the biggest providers is NetEnt who have brought wondrous free casino slots, including most recently, the Planet of the Apes slot, but also such classics as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. netent slots

Another one of the market leading companies is Konami. These guys have gone from strength to strength over time to create some of the best free slots with bonus features and cement themselves as one of the market leaders.

Astrictorat slot games are also very popular. They have a large market presence and offer loads of free slot games with superb bonuses rounds too!

As well as this, there are loads of other providers. Another range of games you can trust is the IGT free slot games, that can be found on numerous websites.

Other companies that make some of the best and most fun slot games include Microgaming, Betsoft, Play’N Go and Nextgen, but there is loads of others too! 

If you find a Free Slot Game from any of these guys, you know you can trust it!

Slot Games in General

Even if slot machines didn’t appeal to you before and you have always preferred other casino games, then maybe it is time to given them another go!

As there is now such a massive range of playing options for free slots games, it is now possible to find a slot machine that is in a style that will take your fancy, whatever your taste!

However, this isn’t even the best thing about this new wave of slot games, it is everything else that has come with the online casino revolution!

As it is now so easy to play wherever you are, thanks to just needing to connect and log on, so you have more freedom to play than ever. Plus with so much competition between free casino slot game providers, slot games are more exciting than ever.

They have much cooler bonus features, better designs and come with massive bonus packages, with more free spins on offer than ever before. As such, the old boring fruit machine is dead and like a phoenix from the flames, the online slot machine has been born to change the face of casino gaming.