Top US Online Casinos

us-flagTop Online Casinos all want you to sign up and join them and so, they all promise to provide the best casino bonuses and best games! They all sound so enticing, however, depending on where you are from and what you like to play, you should do your research first to find the best one for you specifically before you commit to just one online casino!

For our UK and European Casino visitors, finding the bestonline casino is fairly straightforward, as there is loads of websites out there right now. For you, it is simple a matter of weighing up the pro’s and the cons of each, looking at which ones have the best casino bonuses and the best casino games and then simply signing up at that one.

At our site we can make this even easier, as we provide you the reviews for the best online casinos with the best payouts and bonuses, so it is a simple process of just reading a few of these and selecting the one for you!

Thanks to what our knowledgeable staff have gathered from years of experience in the industry, we know what really counts and we can pass this information directly on to you!

Finding the Top USA Casinos is a lot harder, as many sites out there are not prepared to accept US players. This is not for any reason other than the fact that the laws in the US are very varied and it is big grey area over what is and isn’t allowed.

This is not to say that Americans can’t play online at all, but it is simply a matter of them doing a bit more research than the European players! 

Right here at Latest Casino Free Spins, we have done that research so you don’t have to! As such, you can quickly and easily find the best casino deposit bonuses, online slots and best online casino payouts from the Top US Casinos here.

With some help from our site, regardless of region, you will get a complete selection of the best casino sites worldwide. However, we have gone the extra mile for the US Casino, as they are the ones who need our help most!  

US Online Casinos Providers 2018

There are two key casino providers which offer the best online casinos for US Players without a doubt. They both offer the best casino welcome bonuses, the best slots and the best online casino payouts too and as such, choosing any of their sites is highly advisable.

These two companies host 20 of the best sites for US players there is and so, you are sure to find the perfect one for you among their selection of sites. You can read about their organisations below.

Best US Casino Provider: Engage Entertainment

Engage Entertainment offer 10 of the best online casinos on the web at the moment.  Their catalogue includes such big names as 21 Dukes and Rich Casino, as well as several others with their own individual themes, such as the Egyptian themed, Thebes Casino.  

All of the sites under their umbrella display a huge variety of different ways to betand play.

Along with some of the best online casino slots, they also offer options for Table Games, Live Casino Games, Video Poker, Bingo and loads of casual games.  As well as this, they even offer the opportunity to bet on the Stock Market!

Their most impressive gaming asset though, is their slot selection and they have some of the most diverse range of slots in the world on their sites. They have over 100 options for classic slots alone, plus their video slots section is even more extensive, with countless options to play in various different themes and styles.

However, the most impressive thing about the Engage Entertainment sites is their 5 Part Welcome Bonus. This is a blanket welcome bonus for all their sites and so, it can be accessed on all the products under the Engage Entertainment umbrella.                                                                 

                                                                                 Thebes Casino DesignThebes


It starts with a 200% Bonus on your first deposit, followed by three consecutive 100% deposit match bonuses on your next four deposits, before finally, a 175% bonus on your fifth.

As well as this, you also get 25 Free Spins for No Deposit when you sign up at any of their sites as well. This means whichever one of their fantastic sites takes your fancy, you will benefit from them all in the same way when you start.
They also have loads more of the best casinos promotions on offer for you on a regular basis, so it is always worth checking them out periodically to see what has changed and what is on offer!  Their casinos all offer a hugely diverse range of payment options, which includes all major cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as payment services like Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard, as well as supporting Bitcoin too. This means that players can choose to deposit, bet and withdraw via a method that suits them!                                   

Their casinos all offer a hugely diverse range of payment options, which includes all major cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as payment services like Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard, as well as supporting Bitcoin too. This means that players can choose to deposit, bet and withdraw via a method that suits them!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Engage Entertainment.

Best Casino Provider: DeckMedia

Deckmedia have the other top 10 Best Casino the World for US players under their wing. They have 20 years experience in the casino industry, with their Flagship site, SlotoCash, paving the way for what the best online casinos should look like.

They now have a variety of different sites, which are in fairness, much more diverse than those under the Engage Entertainment brand. These include the Western Themed, Red Stag, 60’s themed, SlotsCapital and the 80’s Neon themed, Uptown Aces.

These casinos vary from site to site in what they offer, but the name is a big giveaway to what they specialize in, with different ones offering a different specialty. Some brag more extensive slot selections than others, but it is worth checking them all out to see which one is most fitting for you as a player. However, they all host a diverse selection, so there is something for everyone on all of them, with all hosting ways to play Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, plus loads more.redstag casino

Red Stag Casino Design

They also offer a variety of different Welcome Bonuses which may also sway your mind about which one will be best for you. Red Stag for example, has $2,500 and up to 500 Free Spins, while at Uptown Aces you can up to $8,888 in just Bonus Cash, so it’s all about whichever one suits your preference more.

What’s more is that you can find exclusive Welcome Offers for their top online casinos via our site too. This means you can get a better deal if you choose to sign up through one of our links, compared to if you were going directly to their site. As such, you can get benefit even more at the Deck Media sites with our site. 

They also have an abundance of other great deals too, with them periodically changing and each will have a different offers for different occasions, so there is loads of opportunity to get bonus cash from the first day and beyond.

A great option would be to be to sign up to a few casinos under the Deck Affiliates banner. This will make sure you can hedge your bets and get the best from all the sites in their brand.

As such, which of these casino operators is the best is really up to you and depends on your preferences. If you like a simpler and straightforward service, I would recommend Engage Entertainment, as you will always know where you stand. However, all their sites are practically identical in games and bonuses, so if you want variety in all aspects, check out the Deck Media sites instead.

However, they are all recommended by us, so you will definitely be in good hands regardless. Plus, as they are all free you could just join a few and see which ones fits you best!

How We Review Casinos in the Popular Casinos List

We make sure that our sites accept US Players. However, there is more than just that to make sure of before we recommend a site.Casino Review

Below you can find the criteria by which we review and recommend casinos. We do it the same way every time and there is no favoritism.

All our sites are some of the best, but some perform a lot better than others in different departments.  

As such, it is advisable to check out all the departments by which we measure casino quality, before you choose the best online casino for you.

The Best Online Games Selection

The first thing we check out is the game selection.  

This can vary from site to site, but we like to make sure our top sites have a  nice selection of games of all shape and sizes. This insures that all our players can get their hands on the best casino game variety as possible.

Obviously, here at Latest Casino Free Spins, we aim to find our customers the best online casino slots, so, if a casino doesn’t have good slots, then we don’t include it, simple.

Ideally, we expect around 100 slots at least, as well as perhaps, some other games for our players to get their teeth in to if they get tired of spinning!

The Best Online Casino Bonuses

The next thing we want is for our visitors to get the best online casino no deposit bonuses and indeed, the best casino welcome bonuses overall.

This means, as well as getting a good set of Free Spins for registering some details, we want to get our players a bonus package that will keep them content for their first few days too.

From a top casino, we expect a no deposit bonus which is anywhere from between 10-20 Free Spins. This is good as it gives players just enough time to get a taste of the slot game selection on offer.

After a deposit however, we expect the best casinos to cough up anywhere from at least 50 to 500 Free Spins.

Whether that is it suitable for a first deposit or after three or four, it depends on what comes with it. For example, if it is after three or four, we want a competitive deposit match bonus/es to go with it if it is to be suitable for our customers.

Ultimately, we only provide the welcome bonuses that we ourselves would accept.

The Best Online Casino Bonuses Mobile Gaming and Apps

In this day and age, all top casinos need one of the best mobile casino sites and apps to really compete.

As such, our first port of call is to make sure that there is in fact, some form of way to play on your mobile.

We will settle for a high performing mobile site, which offers all the same features as the desktop version.

However, if it has a downloadable app, that is even better, as it shows these guys are obviously ahead of the game and know that people of the 21st century want convenience over everything else. An app keeps all the same great features in one place and makes playing your favorite casino games even better!

The Best Online Casino Customer Service

To test out the quality of the service, we will log on and chat to a member of the customer service to see if it is up to scratch. We are looking to make shappy-customerure that they are friendly, helpful and most of all, knowledgeable about their product.

We will ask them a few questions and put them through their paces. If they manage to answer them efficiently and competently, as well as in a friendly way, we can sign off on their service.

We will also look for various ways to get in contact with them, so that all customers can choose a method they prefer. We expect at the very least, an email, but having a free Live Chat service is ideal so players can communicate in real time. As well as this, perhaps a phone number too, but we don’t view it as an essential.

The Best Online Casino Payments 

We only find the best online casino payouts around, so you will already know before you read the review that you aregoing to get safe and secure payments from any casinos on the list.

This is imperative and we expect nothing less than the most up to date security protocols and encryption software, to make sure all our customers banking and personal information is safe as can be.

As well as this, we require several payments options to make sure our customers can pick a method that suits them. What we hope for is at least a couple of major credit cards, as well as some form of internet banking software, such as Neteller or Skrill.

All of these things ensure a safe and fun gaming experience!

US Casino Laws to Consider

There are four main states in which Online Gaming at Casino Sites is permitted. We strongly recommend that you read these laws before you proceed in playing at any of the top US Casino sites that we have mentioned on any of our pages.


delawareSince 2012, online gambling at casino sites has been legalized, which means residents of the state are permitted to play online by regulated gambling without prosecution.

This is on the condition that they play at the online casinos sites, which are operated within Delaware’s state borders. Playing at a casino operator which is operating from within Delaware while you are physically outside of the state, is not permitted, as they are only allowed to be used within the state itself.

Delaware residents can however, play at online casinos which are operated offshore and monitored by an independent third party within Delaware and also, in other states too. As such, Delaware residents cannot be arrested for playing at any online casino sites, as long as they play within their own state.

Sportsbook betting is not permitted in Delaware if it is being operated from within the states border. However, if it is being operated offshore and monitored by a independent third party, then they can do so legally.  


Nevada legalised Online Poker Gambling in early 2013. However, only online casinos that offer Poker on their sites are permitted within the nevadastates laws. Poker gambling is also only permitted within the states border.

Sportsbook betting is permitted in the state of Nevada, but likewise as playing online Poker, users must be located inside Nevada to bet. There is also a law that permits Poker playing between states between Nevada and Delaware online.

New Jersey

New Jersey hnew jerseyas since 2013, allowed online casinos and poker rooms to be used by residents of the state within it borders. Native residents of New Jersey are permitted to gamble while outside of the state too.

Even if you are not from New Jersey, you can also still play at New Jersey gambling sites if you sign up and play within the borders of the state.  As long as you are physically present in the state, you are allowed to play. Playing at offshore gambling websites is also permitted.

However, you can not play land based online sports betting within New Jersey. It is also not legal to operate an online casino gambling site within the state either.  


Pennsylvania were thePennsylvania latest state to allow Online Gambling, with a full roll out expected in 2018. Even now however, Pennsylvania residents can gamble at online casino sites without prosecution, as the state has always had very lax gambling laws.

This means online casinos, online sportsbook, online poker rooms and online bingo halls are all fine. You can not be arrested playing at Gambling site online, but you still aren’t allowed to operate one.