SiGMA has emerged to be a dominant power with regard to gambling and transactions related to online gaming. The event has upheld its reputation of laying an international platform, easily accessible on a global scale. Interestingly, SiGMA is founded on the idea that consoles will be a thing of the past, where they’ll eventually be replaced by cloud servers which will outsource every hard work.

The expo unites different seminars, conferences, and networking events, offering participants a chance to network, learn in a welcoming environment to close deals. SiGMA isn’t shy of spending generous amounts on wining and dining, as well as paying VIP flights for the desired crowd to join the show.

It’s an event which brings together the whole gaming fraternity from sponsors, affiliates and operators to vendors and regulators to host some of the most popular iGaming exhibitions around the world. With all these interesting tidbits of information, we’ve decided to add 5 more facts to the list…

Fact 1 – How SiGMA started out

Eman Pulis is the main event organizer, who’s been recognized as the figurehead and the brains behind the iconic idea of setting up the first SiGMA conference which was held back in 2014.

Fact 2 – It’s an internationally-recognised event

SiGMA has notably become one of the fastest-rising gaming event in the world and also the biggest show held in Malta by all rights. The event boasts over 150 speakers, 200 sponsors, and 6000 delegates.

Fact 3 – If you’re looking for a promising career change, SiGMA is for you!

Hosting a career conference for parties interested in exploring new careers within Gaming in Malta, SiGMA is also linked with similar networking events and is featured in the Malta Gaming Week. The event is endorsed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, and the government.

Fact 4 – It’s an event that even supports Start-ups

SiGMA not only invites operators and affiliates to the expo, but start-ups, B2B, regulators, investors, and HR – which makes it unlike any other event out there. The show started with an attendance of 1,000 people, with the number doubling every year. This year’s attendance is expected to hit a record-breaking 12,000 attendees!

Fact 5 – SiGMA is backed by the Maltese Government

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy facts on the list; the Government of Malta is one of the sponsors of the show, establishing its consideration to become the first European country to adopt blockchain. Quite a strong entity to be backed up by. Another interesting side-fact: The Malta Blockchain Summit is a mega-summit which is a by-product of SiGMA.

About SiGMA 2018

This year’s SiGMA show has been highly anticipated, as a matter of facts, 80% of the space available has already been taken. The biggest industry giants are said to be joining the show. These include: Microgaming, Leo Vegas, NetEnt, GiG, and PokerStars, to mention but a few.

And if that’s not enough, SiGMA’S 5th edition will see the show launch a careers portal, with the main aim of making it easier for people to find any job they aspire in iGaming, from Sales and Marketing to Customer Support and IT technology.

SiGMA 2018’s new speakers will be tackling underlying issues within the industry and networking. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the iGaming community, allowing new alliances, friendships, and experiences.

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