Renowned as one of the world’s most famous sports stars, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has both the confidence and the talent that make him a true winner at heart. zlatan bethard

The Swedish-owned Bethard, founded in 2009, is a betting operator that exudes the same winning mentality, attracting players from all corners of the world. The partnership with Zlatan was announced earlier today, with Bethard founder Erik Skarp, expressing confidence that this alliance will help take the company to new levels within the sports betting market.

With the slogan ‘winners dare more’, the company values team spirit and does everything to inspire creativity within its workforce. It’s no surprise that this has led the brand to walk away with the title ‘Great Place to Work’ at the 2018 International Gaming Awards.

“We wanted to do something different, by not following the crowd and wanting to find the perfect match for our brand.  There was only one stand-out individual we considered to be the world’s biggest winner, who at the same time shares the story and the journey we see before us. One who dared take the challenge, and that was Zlatan”, Skarp continued

Of course, Zlatan is a coveted ambassador for any betting company wishing to boost its image in the industry, but the legendary footballer is no easy acquisition, with a known history of turning down partnership offers.

When asked how Bethard managed to change his mind, the company stated that this partnership was created with intentions that went beyond financial success: “I believe it’s about the way we approached him, the Bethard way, the people, our mindset and our aspirations. That’s where I think we managed to create a mutual interest.”.

The company believes that Zlatan identifies with their story and vision and it was this factor that sparked his interest, something that previous companies who approached the legend had been unable to offer.

So how did the entire partnership come about in the first place? It all started with a first meeting in Manchester when the sports star was out of play, recovering from a knee injury. Skarp expressed what a huge supporter he was both of Zlatan himself as well as Malmö FF, where his career kicked off.

When asked how it felt to meet the man himself in person, Skarp also let us in on the fact that Zlatan is not as self-involved and arrogant as the media makes him out to be but rather “humble and easy to deal with”

Determined to mention that this partnership would be more than just a signature, Bethard and Zlatan have some big plans in the works, and both sides have agreed than this will be more than just another celebrity sponsor. In fact, Skarp revealed that Zlatan would help to develop the brand and the company, specifically when it comes to the sports betting platform.

The future of the Bethard brand also looks to be less serious and will focus on the lighter side of life, as opposed to the tough, extreme aura it currently gives off. This is also a result of discussions with comediand and director  Felix Herngren who is helping the company create a new marketing campaign and image.

“Sports betting and winning is in our DNA, and that’s precisely what Zlatan wants to be associated with.”

Bethard is currently available to players from Sweden Norway and Finland but has plans to expand into the UK and Danish markets very soon too. Skarp is confident that the new partnership will also boost the brand to compete with the ranks of bigger industry players, and how having Zlatan on board to help with this is integral to their future.

The Swedish footballer recently signed a contract with LA Galaxy, and has also relocated to the big city. With rumours that this means retirement is on the horizon, Skarp believes that no one knows when this will happen, not even Zlatan himself.

Moreover, Bethard is determined to use this partnership not solely to gain more media coverage but also to increase their high quality product offering.“He is extremely committed to his own brand, which means we need to perform when working with him to create something great and I’m confident we can do this.”

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